Ozrodders Forum Future

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Re: Ozrodders Forum Future

Post by Chris5.7ltr »

Thanks for getting things back up and running guys.
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Re: Ozrodders Forum Future

Post by Dave »

Ok just to let everyone know I am still here but will be remaining mostly in the background and leave Rod to do things his way but always available for help and assistance if required. A huge thanks to Rod for taking on the Forum and doing a great job with his team of sorting out all the quite complex issues that have beset the Forum over the past few years. I put my heart and soul and considerable dollars to keep it going for as long as I could, but I simply didn't have the technical expertise to fix the issues. Hotrodding has taken a bit of a back seat for family in recent year for me, but I still have my '40 coupe and go to events every so often.

I wish to thank Greg Wapling who actually started all this as the old HRI Forum (Hot-Rod Internet). This was always Greg's 'baby', I only took it on when Greg left due to legal issues not of his making (I don't wish to rehash that). Thanks to Jon from Hotrodders.com, who took on the 'ownership', hosting and technical stuff when all the old HRI content was transferred across to the new Ozrodders Forum, saving it all. When Jon sold Hotrodders.com, Enjenjo and Fatcat from the Rodders Round Table took on the legal 'ownership' of the Forum and technical work to keep it running and deserve a huge thanks also. There is a huge amount of good content and technical expertise on here that I was hoping would not be forever lost and thankfully Rod has managed to save it all as far as I can tell.

Please support Rod and keep the forum running by logging in and posting. I would ask that you be mindful of what you post and what comments you make, especially personal ones. Many forums have had 'legal' issues arise from nasty or careless posts and a reminder this is exactly why the original HRI forum was shut down. Be kind and helpful and leave the horrible stuff for the trolls on social media pages. If you see me at an event say hi and have a chat, but I will keep dropping in here when I can. Thanks for all the friendship and support I was given after I took over from Greg, it has been quite a ride!
Dave Petrusma
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Re: Ozrodders Forum Future

Post by Gojeep »

Great to hear from you Dave and all those that have had involvement over the years.
May the forum continue to grow again now that it has more certainty in the future.

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Re: Ozrodders Forum Future

Post by SimonG »

Thank you for all the hard work
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Re: Ozrodders Forum Future

Post by Newbee »

Thanks for the short history lesson Dave and to Rod and others who have worked on and reserected the site thank you.

Coming onto the modified car scene late in the piece the OzRodders forum and it members have been a wonderful resource
and an opportunity to make friends, some of who I have met personally and others online or on the phone.

Thank you all..

Regards Newbee
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Re: Ozrodders Forum Future

Post by zuffen »

There's a new section to the Forum at the very foot of the Board Index specifically for feedback on how the Forum is going.

Please feel free to Post in it.
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Re: Ozrodders Forum Future

Post by jeffa »

Back again! Wow!

Thanks heaps guys. We all appreciate your hard work and above all: persistence!

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Re: Ozrodders Forum Future

Post by Tappet Head »

I was starting to have withdrawals, probably the last forum thats any good still on the net.
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